Project Description

Client: Northrop Grumman

Challenge: Display Product Capabilities & Show Use case Scenario

Results: Northrop Grumman was awarded a $2.4 Billion contract from the Army/Air Force

Based on the resounding success of the previous program, Northrop hired Exis to develop more CGI videos and marketing tools for the VIC-5 program. This program, known as the VIC-5 intercom is now implemented and being tested in Stryker attack vehicles. Exis provided materials that aided in concept realization, product usage case, and operational method. Our research for this project included a detail analysis of military protocols, combat engagement methodologies, and communication formats. Utilizing this information, we developed a realistic example of in-theater usage of the intercom system and clearly demonstrated its superior capabilities. The VIC-5 program represents a $2.4 billion contract for Northrop and will be the next generation intercom solution across Army/Air force vehicle platforms. VIC-5 started First Article Testing (FAT) in April of 2011.