Project Description

Client: General Dynamics

Challenge: Test machine vision systems

Results: Provided a complex test-bed for determining product viability

Exis also participated in simulation development for the General Dynamics TAC-C (Tactical Autonomous Combat – Chassis), a joint operation between General Dynamics and the ARL (Army Research Laboratories). This project is the latest in autonomous combat and mobility. Exis developed an entire virtual city that feed into a closed loop simulation with a series of TAC-C platforms. This critical test purposely stressed the machine vision systems and complex obstacle avoidance algorithms to negotiate a realistic environment. We also created variations on the original TAC-C, displaying the multi-role capabilities of the platform across engagement type and theater. They are either teleoperated (directly controlled by an operator with a joy stick) or run missions autonomously after being assigned a task through a Soldier-Machine Interface device. The TAC-C vehicle is designed to meet both manned and unmanned mission needs.