Project Description

Client: Northrop Grumman

Challenge: Train Drone Operators & Display Product Capabilities

Results: Northrop Grumman was awarded a $47 million contract from the Army

Another notable defense company, Northrop Grumman, enlisted Exis to create a series of training programs with multiple purposes in mind. We developed a series of simulations and CGI videos to train drone operators in the deployment and functionality of an advanced sensor suite (STARLitetm) onboard a Reaper combat drone. The training program was used to educate drone operators about mission tasking, product operation, information command structure, and product life-cycle.

The secondary purpose of this program was to emphasize the effectiveness of the system to a panel of Admirals and Generals within the United States military. These officers were directly responsible for purchasing authorization, and Northrop Grumman used these training and visualization programs as a primary marketing tool in their pitch. Northrop Grumman was subsequently awarded a $47 million contract from the Army in April 2008 to manufacture the new STARLite radar sensor following an extensive competition.