Sub Command, our VR trainer is meant to give multiple users an understanding of the operations of a submarine, ship, or vehicle. We use next generation game engines, multiplayer , and VR to enable a group of individuals to cooperate in a virtual setting. This can be a sub CIC, the deck of an aircraft carrier, or any area that users wish to train in. Our added benefit is the inclusion of the SprintR VR movement controller, which allows users to walk around in a VR Environment hands free. With their hands free, users can operate switches, use instruments, and go through the actual motions and still retain the ability to get around an environment.

Key features:

  • Multi-user: Train several people at once
  • Voice chat: users in the simulation can issue orders and confirmations / instructor can discuss with class (if so choose)
  • Hands free movement enables wider array of simulations
  • Train in real scenarios – operations, combat , maintenance, procedures
  • Visuals match real craft – enabling trainees to have real experience before ever stepping into a real craft
  • Highly immersive