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Some projects just don’t make sense on a mobile platform. Sometimes you just need to interact with the deep core; talk to the machine, and that’s where we come in. Exis is an advanced technology and multimedia company specializing in the development of application software, games/new media, and IT solutions. Our technology products are used by defense contractors such as Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics in advanced robotics and drone systems.

Exis is a technology agnostic development studio and we’ve worked with many proprietary systems and open source products in the past. The breadth of our team’s expertise includes web, mobile, and desktop technologies, including .NET and Java based projects

See what we’ve Built for others:

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  • Drone Vision

    Working with General Dynamics we developed a closed loop simulation that integrated directly with land-based drones and robotic machine vision systems known as MDARS (Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System). This enabled General Dynamics to save millions on field testing and dramatically improved the development process. Deployment of MDARS at the Nevada National Security Site resulted in a $6 million infrastructure savings and yearly labor savings of $1 Million.

  • Medical Applications

    While working for  Restorative therapies we were presented with a challenge: Create an application to tie into the client’s medical equipment and assist in advanced therapies and user interaction. We rose to the occasion and created a mobile/desktop solution that gave the client a high end interface for their various medical devices.  The project gives RTI a new way to interact with their customers, and provides a much needed upgrade to their existing systems.

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The Right Team For the job:

  • Quality: Just ask our clients. We don’t quit until it’s right, that simple.
  • Experience: We’ve worked on Defense projects, Commercial projects, Mobile, and Medical. Our team has the clout.
  • Focus: 60% Code 40% Admin. Projects run over and fail because nobody is watching. We don’t let that happen because we’re watching, intently.


Right from the start, Exis was all in. They got up and running on our internal tools, something none of the other outsourcers we tested were willing to take on.We were even happier with the quality of the work Exis delivered. We could not have achieved what we have so far without the help of the talented people at Exis.
Stephan Langmeade, Day 1 Studios
After several failed attempts with other contractors we were lucky enough to discover Exis. Right from the start we knew we found the right group to achieve our goals. The Exis team worked seamlessly with our software engineers to achieve amazing results in a timely manner at a very reasonable budget. We will continue to use Exis and feel as though they are part of our software team
Scott Simcox, Restorative therapies
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