Software & Hardware Development

Exis has a team of skilled software developers, well versed in creating training simulations, military applications, mobile projects, and entertainment software. We have been in business for 16 years, and are experts in Virtual reality, 3d software, drone systems, simulations, training, storytelling, product development, marketing visuals, animation, and application development across a wide variety of platforms an systems.

Core competencies include:

  • Advanced 3d graphics and Marketing materials.
  • Automated/drone systems
  • Immersive reality (XR / VR / AR)
  • Training systems
  • Developed for multiple open/closed platforms
  • Massively Networked systems – Multi-user simulated world
  • Project Administration and Management
  • System Migration
  • PC/Console Application Development
  • Geographic Information Services
  • 3d simulation / Game Development
  • Human/Computer Interface Development
  • Hardware/Firmware programming knowledge

Our Work:


Client: Google

Challenge: Prove that VR is viable for Google maps

Result: Exis built the precursor to google earth’s VR mode. The test project required the creation of London in VR with moving traffic, clouds, and the ability to walk around the city as if it was a scale model on a desk. We delivered the project and Google soon after released Google Earth.

YouTube VR

Client: YouTube

Challenge: Develop VR Application for YouTube

Result: We created a full VR stadium for You tube, and programmed/animated a 2 hour Esports match complete with 3d characters and announcer commentary. Fans could watch the match unfold while being surrounded by the characters from the game, and also see the game field in miniature in-front of them.

Go Insurance

Client: Go Insurance

Challenge: Develop XR Application related to insurance industry

Result: Exis has built a custom AR (Augmented Reality) application for our friends at Go Insurance, a premier car insurance company set to rise to the top with innovative products . Detail for this project are currently under NDA.


Client: Internal

Challenge: Develop a new locomotion system for VR

Result: Exis created the SprintR VR controller to solve the locomotion problem in virtual reality. This patented device provides a full motion suite for all VR products, and works with any headset and mobile device. All hardware and Software for SprintR was developed internally by our team.


Client: Northrop Grumman

Challenge: Display Product Capabilities & Show Use case Scenario

Result: Northrop Grumman was awarded a $2.4 Billion contract from the Army/Air Force


Client: Northrop Grumman

Challenge: Train Drone Operators & Display Product Capabilities

Result: Northrop Grumman was awarded a $47 million contract from the Army


Client: General Dynamics

Challenge: Test machine vision systems

Result: Exis developed an entire virtual city that feed into a closed loop simulation with a series of TAC-C platforms. This critical test purposely stressed the machine vision systems and complex obstacle avoidance algorithms to negotiate a realistic environment. We were able to provide a complex test-bed for determining product viability.


Client: General Dynamics

Challenge: Develop a new locomotion system for VR

Result: Working with General Dynamics we developed a closed loop simulation that integrated directly with land-based drones and robotic machine vision systems known as MDARS which was deployed by the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) and has resulted in a $6 million infrastructure savings and an estimated yearly labor savings of $1 Million.

Game Development

In addition to working with industry and military contractors, Exis has had the pleasure of working on some of the top gaming projects of all time. We’ve worked with companies like LucasArts, Warner Brothers, Firaxis Games, Oxide games, Irrational, 2K, WarGaming, Day 1 studios, and others. Our portfolio includes AAA hits like Xcom, Xcom2, Bioshock Infinite, Fear 3, Civilization IV and V, Ashes of the Singularity, World of Tanks, and many more as shown below.

AAA Projects

We create assets for top games, and have the experience to make your art stand out.

Asset Creation

Characters, vehicles, concepts, UI, icons, and more. Top studios come to us to get it done, and they keep coming back for more. Join us today!

Senior Staff

Exis employes senior talent in order to give you the best of the best.

Experience and Quality

Our team members typically have 6+ years of professional experience, led by managers with over 15 years of experience. We simply know how games come together.


We operate a private and secure forum for our clients to view work in progress.

Frictionless Communication

You will be able to see your assets as they come together, and you can provide input during the construction process. It’s a simple, effective way to stay informed and in control.