About Us

You need to increase capacity fast, and you want to make sure you’re working with a highly skilled team. Whether you’re a developer or publisher working on an upcoming game, or a commercial enterprise that needs software development, or a nonprofit working with the military, Exis has the content creation and programming power to rapidly increase your capacity.

You want expertise, and a company that applies the latest methods to save you time and money. At Exis, this is who we are: an advanced technology and multimedia company specializing in the development of mobile applications, games and new media, and enterprise application software. We encompass decades of experience in technology and project management spanning across various industries such as non-Profit/Education, Government, Entertainment/Simulation, and Telecommunications.

Our work appears in AAA projects from companies like 2k Games and Wargaming Inc, across multiple platforms including Mobile, Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Exis operates as a turn-key solution to significantly bolster development capability, enabling clients to release top-tier products on schedule and on budget.


AAA Projects

We create assets for top games, and have the experience to make your art stand out.

Asset Creation

Characters, vehicles, concepts, UI, icons, and more. Top studios come to us to get it done, and they keep coming back for more. Join us today!

Senior Staff

Exis employes senior talent in order to give you the best of the best.

Experience and Quality

Our team members typically have 6+ years of professional experience, led by managers with over 15 years of experience. We simply know how games come together.


We operate a private and secure forum for our clients to view work in progress.

Frictionless Communication

You will be able to see your assets as they come together, and you can provide input during the construction process. It’s a simple, effective way to stay informed and in control.

We Make Your life Easier

Mobile Game: Kablooie!

Kablooie is a fun and fast paced 3D physics puzzle game based on demolition and quick thinking! Help Boomacles and his godly companions slay the evil serpents of Set. Use your magic dynamite to topple Set’s invading idols.

Kablooie was built as a proof of concept for our mobile development team, and includes dynamic physics and over 60 levels of destructive fun.

Immersive Reality

We've not only created multiple VR software projects, but we've also built VR hardware. SprintR, Our patented immersive reality controller allows users to walk, run, and jump hands free in VR environments.

We've completed multiple VR projects for Google, Medical Companies, and the University of Maryland.

  • Created VR through Unity and Unreal

  • VR hardware developers.

  • Experienced with cross-platform VR development.

  • Developed VR games and applications

  • Domain expertise.

  • 5 years VR experience - Since Oculus DK1

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

Entertainment, Business, and Military; These are the 3 pillars of our service sectors. Exis creates amazing projects for a wide array of clients; with impressive results. From jaw-dropping 3d models to drone sub-systems; we're the team for you. Contact us today to get your project underway.

We’ve created games for multiple platforms and are experienced with Unreal, Unity, and platforms like Xbox/Playstation/Ios/Android. Additionally, Exis provides top quality modeling and texturing services. Our work appears in AAA games for publishers such as 2k Games and Warner Brothers, and in high-end simulations for General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman.

We work with the latest technologies to create spectacular results for our clients. We're well versed with the latest game engine technologies, and have integrated fully with our client’s tool-chains in the past. Our focus is credibility and trust. Exis has earned its credibility by securely delivering value to our clients since 2003, and earned their trust through our commitment to our client’s  goals.

We don’t just offer our services, we offer our expertise and our passion for art. We employ only top rate talent to ensure our clients receive AAA quality; on time, and on budget.We implement every pipeline enhancement, and constantly research new development techniques. We strive for open communication with our clients by increased availability and personal service. Furthermore, we ensure the security of their assets with strict control procedures.

Skills We Employ

3d modeling & Texturing 100%
Concept Art & UI 95%
Unity & Unreal Dev. (C#/C++) 97%
Mobile & VR development 92%

Exis produces high quality assets on budget and on schedule. Stardock has a small art team, but with Exis we can create great looking games like Ashes of the Singularity, without sacrificing quality.

Derek Paxton, VP - Stardock Entertainment

In no time we went from dreading sending assets to outsource, to being excited about what we were going to get back from them. We could not have achieved what we have so far without the help of the talented people at Exis.

Stephan Langmead, Art Manager - Oxide Games

Peter is a very talented 3D artist and motivating leader. His desire to excel in everything he works on drives him to continually research the latest techniques and technology of the game and business industries. Running an Indi game development team at the same time as being a full time production artist excelled him in many skills at a young age. Peter's intuition and attention to detail are assets to any team and project he is on.

Todd Bilger, Art Director - Firaxis Games

Working with peter has been a true privilege. He is by far one the most versatile, professional, and humble entrepreneurs I have had the honor of working with. Peter not only owns a blossoming studio brand that focuses on first and 3rd party development, but he also takes time to share his wisdom with neighboring production studios as well as tomorrows generation of young creative minds. I would highly recommend peter as the go to source for any AAA studio needing freelance production and Art direction, but more importantly someone who you can rely on.

Robert Brown, Chair of Game design - Cleveland Institute of Art

It has been a pleasure working with Peter this past year. He runs a top quality organization at Exis Interactive - they've been in the content creation business for several years now and have their production processes down pat. Peter has a friendly personality and is easy to communicate with. He, and his staff, are top-tier artists who create high quality assets. We hope to continue our co-development relationship with Exis for many, many projects in the future!

Jeff Spoonhower, Co-founder - Resonator

Team Members

Ruffio Cole

Business Analyst

Peter Kojesta


Vahid Hanafi

International Affairs

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