iOS and Android are the dominant platforms for the mobile market. Our team has worked on mobile applications and games in the past, delivering top quality products to our clients. Whether it’s a database enabled stock app, or a high end 3d game , we’ve conquered it.Learn more
Our programming team is second to none. We’ve developed for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and proprietary formats for defense contractors. We’re experts in programming languages C++/C# and API’s DirectX, OpenGL and various engines like UE3, Unity.Learn more
Exis is a premier game outsource studio located in the USA. We are a registered PlayStation 4 developer and have worked on many AAA games Mobile Projects, and cover the gamut in capabilities and technologies. Contact us for help with your next game project.Learn More

Top Projects

  • Military Project:

    Starlite GMTI

  • Military Project:


  • Entertainment Project:

    Civilization Beyond Earth

  • Entertainment Project:

    World of Tanks

  • Business Project:

    Peapod online food distribution

  • Medical Project:

    RTI FES Systems

Military, Business, and Entertainment; These are the 3 pillars of our service sectors. Exis has created amazing projects for a wide array of clients; with impressive results. The projects on the left represent a selection of our work for clients in different fields. Whether its jaw-dropping models for your upcoming game, or drone sub-systems for future aerospace projects, or a residential mobile app for property managers, we’re the team to seek out! Contact us today to get your project underway.
  • Amazing AAA art team
  • Top quality Programming Team (Unity,Unreal,.Net/C++)
  • Mobile expertise (iOs/iPhone/ Android)
  • Mobile , Desktop , Console Development
  • Registered Playstation 4 Developer

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